It integrates import and export trade, real estate development, cocoon production and operation, textile manufacturing, hotel and catering industry.

Import and Export Department Ⅰ

The import and export department is mainly engaged in the import and export trade and product design business of silks and satin fabrics and clothing products. Based on the original varieties, new silk fabrics of various styles were developed and designed. The main selling market is Europe, Japan, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and other places, with an annual export volume of over 48 million US dollars, of which the export of silk fabrics is more than 13 million meters, with more than 200 new varieties coming out every year.

This part is divided into five branches, as an integrated Department, responsible for the supply of goods and financial work, research and development of new products, to provide the support for the business sector; two, the main business for Asia, including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Hongkong and other regions; three for ocean area business, mainly in Europe and America exports; four families, five families were in business development, including printing and dyeing and other products, design and development of gifts.

Product quality and service level has always been the focus of attention of our staff. Professional technology and sincere attitude enable us to provide more and more satisfactory services for customers both at home and abroad, and at the same time, provide strong support for Hirun group's development.

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Import and Export Department Ⅱ

The two part mainly engaged in import and export of cocoon, silk, silk, twisting doupion silk, spun silk noil silk, tussah silk, silk, linen yarn and blended yarn and other commodity export business. The main market is Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan, Europe and other places. The annual export volume was 30 million US dollars, which kept the country first in a number of years. New products such as linen and acrylic fabric have been successfully developed in the near future.

The two Department of import and export is growing. Our department has built up a stable and complete purchase and marketing channel and production process system on the basis of many years of silk products management. The end of the previous simple trading practices, relying on the advantages of the group, through continuous investment, currently owned and controlled silk factory group 7, the formation of the "Taishan", "Lu", "ATL" three brand, also has the exclusive brand "three-dimensional" franchise. In addition, our ministry has been widely recognized by many foreign suppliers in Liaoning, Sichuan, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Anhui, Shanxi, Guangxi, Yunnan and other provinces.

A complete series of products - in view of the demand for different segments of the market, silk products have a full range of varieties from low to middle grade. Among them, the "white silk factory, Taishan, Shandong hirun", "red silk Taishan, green Taishan, money", and "ATL" noil silk and other brands in foreign countries has a very high market share. Since the "Luyi" brand of white factory silk has been put in the Japanese market, it has also won a high reputation.

The idea of creating value for our customers has long been a permanent goal of our service based on market, pioneering and innovating, striving to serve customers, create value for customers and realize their value at the same time.

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Import and Export Department Ⅲ

After years of development, the three parts of the import and export department have become the best in the two major products of home textiles and clothing.

Home textile:
The products include tablecloths, curtains, cushions and so on. The company has an independent professional product development and design team dominated by the market development. Over the years, the company has been devoted to the development and research of new fabrics, new technologies and new varieties of flowers and colors, and has made remarkable achievements. The company products are fashionable, color variety, quality, value for money and is famous in the international market. With high quality, fast and efficient service, it has won the trust of many customers in the United States, Europe and other regions, and has established a good cooperative relationship with them. For several years, the annual export volume of the company has reached over twenty million US dollars. Detailed market research, effective product development, clear customer orientation clear, and based on the local market, international vision, are three of the import and export of future advancement, welcome businessmen came to discuss the order and carry out various cooperation.

The three Department of import and export is the Department specializing in the production of women's clothing in the foreign trade plate of Shandong Hirun investment group. The company has under the jurisdiction of four wholly owned clothing factories, with an annual output of 2 million and 100% exports. The company's marketing department and research and development department are all located in Qingdao headquarters, focusing on the following two categories of products:
--Fashion: "Feraud, Debenhams, Paul & Joe, Planty, Les Petites" of the world famous brand below OEM, 400 thousand kinds of fashion of annual output.
-- Blouse / skirt: all kinds of real silk / cotton / linen and their blended fabric blouses. The annual output of skirts is 1 million 600 thousand pieces, and a lot of orders are produced for customers such as "H&M, NKD, O.B.S., COIN, VOEGELE".

Our company is in line with "high quality, fast delivery, pure environmental protection" business concept for customers to provide special services.

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