It integrates import and export trade, real estate development, cocoon production and operation, textile manufacturing, hotel and catering industry.

Ministry of Trade Development

Ministry of Trade Development(Business Development Dept.)Mainly responsible for domestic trade business, the domestic silk consumer market as the core, the main distribution channels for retail, group purchase, tourism consumption, net marketing and so on. The main commodities include:

1. silk home textile series and Bed Suite series, represented by silk quilt and high grade bed;

3. the series of silk scarves and necktie series;

5. silk arts and crafts, silkworm system health products, and so on;

6. curtains are made. Design, manufacture and install curtains according to customer's requirements.

The Ministry of trade development, relying on the strong support of the existing resources of the group, is equipped with professional service personnel, serving the consumers with first-class silk products, developing multiple growth points of the domestic trade, and achieving win-win results with the customers.

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General manager: Chen Na