It integrates import and export trade, real estate development, cocoon production and operation, textile manufacturing, hotel and catering industry.

Hirun (Qingdao) Int'L Commercial Affairs Hotel

Hairun Int'L Commercial Affairs Hotel is located in the eastern Qingdao District of Hongkong Road, located in the central business district of the gold zone, adjacent to the new government, the east by the Laoshan scenic area, west of the famous Ba Da Guan scenic area and the old city, south of the beautiful scenery of the coastal road, East Road, the mountains and the sea. The hotel around the bustling streets, convenient transportation, the environment elegant, large shopping center - Dongtai Jusco, Carrefour close at hand, all kinds of high middle and low market gathered, which is a well-known hotel on the west side of the sky road snack street, business travelers is the ideal living place.

Shandong Hairun Int'L Commercial Affairs Hotel is a national three-star foreign Turisthotellet, and was redecorated in 2004. It is a rare quiet place in urban riots. The hotel has luxury suites, family suites, deluxe rooms, business floor, standard rooms and four nearly one hundred and fifty rooms, room facilities, fresh style, equipped with central air conditioning, 24 hours hot water, drinking water, digital TV, IDD and free broadband interface; the hotel has to accommodate 150 people at the same time dining in the restaurant and banquet rooms of different styles, but also has large, medium and small conference rooms, coffee hall, chess room, business center, ticket center and beauty salon. Shandong Hirun Int'L Commercial Affairs Hotel is a combination of eating, living, shopping and entertaining, and providing a full range of quality services for the guests in 24 hours.

Welcome guests from all walks of life to visit Shandong Hirun Int'L Commercial Affairs Hotel.

Contact information

Address: No. 43, Hongkong Road, Qingdao
Tel: (0532)86669566