It integrates import and export trade, real estate development, cocoon production and operation, textile manufacturing, hotel and catering industry.

Hirun group's declaration of shareholders

We are the master of Hirun,
Hirun is the ship we co - created,
Carrying a common vision to sail the sea.
We integrate full trust into the constitution,
The power to be granted to the board of directors,
Select a qualified captain for Hirun voyage.
Our responsibility for power will be with the sea,
Everything of Hirun is chosen by us.

We are the master of Hirun.
Hirun is our hope,
We shoulder the mission of maintaining the benefits and dignity of the Hirun.
When the sea ran into danger,,
We are duty bound and full of effort,
Give priority to partners, employees and small and small shareholders,
We swear with Hirun to live and live together!

We are the master of Hirun,
Hirun is our ideal.
Our Hirun belongs to China,
For the happiness and well-being of the siblings of the Hirun people,
Operating in good faith, paying taxes to the country,
We together abandon waste and flamboyance.

For the common love of mankind,
It is our duty to be committed to the public welfare and the rejuvenation of the nation,
Even if this is not paid,
We are most willing to do our best.

We are the master of Hirun,
Hirun is our dream.
We solemnly advocate order and cleanliness,
Respect, integrity, tolerance and human equality,
We are proud of the emergence of the outstanding talents of the sea to create wealth.
We are proud of our common sense of value,
We abide by the common belief in life,
"Let as many individuals as possible and as big a whole as possible be
benefited from the existence of the sea".
Values and beliefs are our sincere choice,
Because we are the master of the Hirun!