Realizing the common growth of employees and enterprises

Training system

Around the goal of building learning enterprises and constantly promoting human capital appreciation, hareen has gradually built up a comprehensive and multi-level training system after years of accumulation.

1、New employee training
The training of new employees is a basic work for the development of human resources. According to the requirements of the company's development and the characteristics of new employees, the human resources department of the group will prepare training courses carefully every year. The curriculum mainly includes the history of the development of Hirun, various rules and regulations, the molding of professional mentality, business etiquette, and development training. After the induction training, according to the new employee's career orientation, they will be assigned to each group holding factory and business cooperation unit for six months to a year. During the period, they will learn according to the practical target requirements, and the HR department shall coordinate with all departments to conduct regular assessment.

2、Thematic study
Each year the company has to use the spare time to organize special studies and divide the corresponding courses according to the nature of the work. Study on the transformation of days and months multiplying, the staff gave a positive role to enhance their skills.

3、Executive Training
According to the staff training requirements, executives from their topics, offer training topics, their own good to share knowledge and experience with you, in real case teaching used in enterprise training, achieved good training effect.

4、Expert training
According to the specific problems encountered during the enterprise development, the timely introduction of the "brain", targeted special training.

5、Go out training
Many companies inside and outside the province, training and consulting institutions to maintain close relations of cooperation, in addition to the annual training plan needed to supplement management, financial and marketing courses, often select outstanding employees participate in various classes and participate in the open class, after the external training personnel required to conduct internal reporting or submit a learning experience in group company "Hairun" and office network publication.

6、Other ways of learning
The company has also introduced preferential policies to encourage employees to use their spare time to strengthen their professional skills and self-study. At the same time, we constantly enrich the way of learning to meet the needs of independent and self-help learning, such as ELN online learning and so on.