Realizing the common growth of employees and enterprises


Shandong Hirun Investment Group Co., Ltd. was established in October, two, three, which was reformed by Shandong silk import and Export Corporation, with a registered capital of 125 million 180 thousand yuan. Hairun Group Import and export trade, textile weaving, foreign investment, real estate business, has five business department, under the nine control share company, two hotels, 1 billion of total assets, the annual sales income of 1 billion 500 million yuan, is a set of domestic and foreign trade, foreign investment, real estate development, textile weaving Hotel and property, advertising in one, complete industrial chain, cross regional, diversified development of integrated joint-stock company.

The foreign trade sector according to the import and export products are divided into one or two, three, respectively engaged in fabrics, silk, finished products business, the main sales market for Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and other places. As a leading domestic silk export enterprise, after restructuring, it still keeps the top volume of exports. The finished goods business has grown into the two main fields of home textile and clothing export, and is one of Shandong's leading foreign trade enterprises. Relying on the advantages of foreign trade, the domestic business is also growing. The "Jumei" brand silk products have successfully opened the domestic market and improved the domestic popularity of hareun group.

The manufacturing sector is mainly responsible for silk, textile weaving, printing and dyeing, textile, clothing and other manufacturing operations, under the jurisdiction of the main base: Linqu Hairun Textile Co. Ltd., Wendeng Zhengxin Weaving Co. Ltd. and Guangxi Shanglin Industry Co., Ltd and Yunnan sea silk silk Co. Ltd., Levin youngan letter textile Co. Ltd., etc.. Over the years, industry and trade have developed synergistic and remarkable results. Hongkong hahairun Fashion Co., Ltd., a joint venture with TRUDEL company of Italy, produces and sells high-grade silk garments. Currently, it has many large clothing customers in Europe, whose design ability and product quality have been well received.

Shandong precious faith development Co., Ltd. is the Group Holding Companies, and has a third-class real estate development qualification. In the past ten years, four projects have been completed and the development area of the real estate project has reached 180 thousand square meters. The ten years since the establishment of the company is in the ten years of the great revolution of China's real estate market. The company has been sharpening in the development and adjustment of the market, and the company's competitiveness has been gradually improved and its scale has grown.

Hirun group's third industrial sector, including hotels, catering, property, advertising and other business, has already owned two quasi four star chain hotels and four holding companies. The growth of the three industry has laid a solid foundation for the diversified development of Hirun group.

Hairun group to "care, justice, loyalty and responsibility" as the core values, to make as many individual and overall as large as possible, because of the existence of Hairun benefit "for the purpose, always adhere to the market leading strategy oriented, and vigorously promote the management of innovation and business transformation, improve the overall strength. Ningxinjuli, forge ahead, continue to improve returns to shareholders at the same time, the group to achieve the maximum social value.

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